Sunday, January 19, 2014

Save a Life day @ republic poly Singapore

Just came back from an event 'save a life  day' at republic poly in Singapore. 
Nice to learn the CPR (refresh for me as I just attended the Standard First Aid course not long ago) and how to use AED. The instructors are very helpful and informative. Telling us what's in real scenario and what are the steps need to do and why we need to do that. DRSABC. 30 pumps 2 blows.. 
After all, this is not for nice goodies bags or the certificate. Sometime you won't know you need something until you really need it. In Chinese we say (书到用时方恨少)。 you will not know one day, the one you love collapse, you need the skills to do the CPR and save them.
Nice information given as well, in Singapore, one year 3000 get heart stroke and only 1/3 been given CPR, and most of cases happen at home. Meaning if family members know CPR or have first aid kits at home, you do not need to lost out loves one.
Here are some photos to shares on the event. Thanks to RP, Singapore Red Cross, National Resuscitation Council, Peoples Association and all the contribute organizations.


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