Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kota Kinabalu Air port to Kota Kinabalu Town (City)

Now you do not need to take taxi or take the small town bus and have another town bus changed at the Wawasan terminal. How to get your self to the lots kinabalu town area from the airport? At terminal 2, after you departure and before the big glass door to exit the terminal, look at your left hand side where there is a small counter showing airport bus right Infront of the 24hrs store. What you need to do is just tell the girl which hotel you are in and she will be able to advise you which stop you need to drop by. How much is the cost? RM5 for adult and RM3 for children. Yes only RM5. I remember I took a taxi before just to get to the airport from Kota Kinabalu town area around August 2013 and it cost me about RM30.
Now, no more worries. Below sharing some photos on the bus schedule. I was staying in Borneo backpacker and I need to drop at the Merdeka Field which is the last stop.
Happy travelling to Kota Kinabalu!!!
Kota Kinabalu terminal 2 shuttle bus ticketing counter.

The terminal shuttle bus which is clean and comfortable.

Here is the timing from terminal 2 to kota Kinabalu.

From kota Kinabalu to terminal 1 & 2

Sample of the bus ticket from airport terminal 2 to kota Kinabalu town .


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