Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, best ride ever

I want to blog about this long time back but yet to find time to do this. I had my life time first KTM(kererapi tanah Melayu) train ride last year when I need to travel to Kuala Lunpur for my life time first Marathon. I bought the train ticket online about 1 mth before my departure date. 
For online booking, you can visit the link here. You need to create an account and payment will be via credit card.

Why I said the ride is really good? Well, I am 5.6 foot tall and I always have issues with my legs taking couch. Getting the ride with a bed is what I need where I can lie down straight and have some rest. I bought a class 2 bunk bed (lower bunk) whih cost me RM45. Yes Rm45 departure from Johor Sentral train terminal. (Tips to save more $: for traveling from Singapore, you can choose to depart from Woodlands train station, but that will cost you SGD45. If you are able to travel to Johor Bahru, just need to clear the Singgapore custom and take the bus to cross the bridge and clear the Malaysia-JB custom, walk less than 100m and you are in the JB Sentral, the building is linked with JB custom and fully air conditional)
How is the bed? With rm45 and linen, it's really worth the money. The train normally will be schedule around 11:35pm (there also have morning ride, but I prefer the night ride where I can sleep through). The bed equipped with blanket and a pillow with window and reading lights. After the ticket check, you can just close the curtain and you have your own space and enjoy the night view of the ride as well.

After my first ride, I started to get addicted with the train ride and now flying from KL is one of my alternative. I just reached KLSentral this morning (after work last night, I took the train from Singapore to KL again). Now waiting at the LCCT for my flight to call off, where am I going again? I will try to post it as soon as possible.

As for the train ride, here is another tips to pick the bed, I prefer lower bunk, as I don't need to climb up especially with my luggage. If you have big luggage, you can leave it in the walkway but have to ensure it's not blocking the walk way. I use to put my backpack on the bed with me near the legs area. I prefer pick the bunk in the middle of the coach, why?! As if you pick near the doors, people may walk in and put for toilet or smoke break, if you are a light sleeper, that may affect your sleep. 

Don't worry you will be over slept and miss the station, the staffs will come and call you up when it's near to KL Sentral stations. 

With only RM45, you get a bed to sleep, you get to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and have the morning wake up call service. Isn't it awesome?

Below are some photos for sharing. Enjoy your trip.
JB Senteal train waiting area.

Everyone queue up to enter the boarding area.

Try to look for the coach, don't worry there are staffs in blue shirt, just show them your ticket and they will tell you where to go.

M6, that's where my bed is.

All the bunk bed, just raise up your head, the numbers with arrow showing up there.

Well, the 'atas' in Malay means top, and 'bawah' means bottom, 15, 13 is upper bunk and 16,14 is lower bunk. 

That's my bed, clean linen with pillow and blanket and windows with curtain.

Close the curtain and on the reading light, that's how the place looks like, you have your own aircon space. Leave your shoes outside. Keeping the place clean is everyone's responsible.

The shared toilet. It's cleaner than I expected.

Reached KL Sentral !!!


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