Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chye Kee GoldHill Roast Chicken Rice

Chye Kee gold roast chicken rice located in the row of the shops beside the United Square in Novena is a place you should dropped by for cheap lunch in the central area. 
A plate of roasted chicken rice add on one egg, how much?! SGD3.50. The stall near my hdb in neighbourhood area already selling this in SGD3.80. 
I thought that, well with this price the rating should be just 'can eat' but surprisingly the 3.50 you are paying worth more than that. The chicken is tenden and fresh and the rice is just right. You will feel want to have another more plate.
Beside selling the chicken rice, they sell other stuff like noodles, macaroni soup etc.
Dropped by and try out. Happy Makan!


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