Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yi Jia Chun, Soup for lunch @ The Archade Raffles Place Singapore

Recommended by my colleague Yi Jia Chun at The Archade Raffles Place (CBD area). I paid my visit to this place few weeks ago when I went to The Archade during lunch time for money changes before my Hong Kong Trip. (The Archade famous with the money changing centre with the high rate).  I ordered (take away) the black fungus mushroom soup soup with white rice. There are also pumpkin rice/yam rice for your selections (SGD2) or you can just pick white rice.  Beside the soup, there are others side dish for your selections. The soup taste is nice. At least not like other places with a lots of MSG and the chicken (meat) inside the soup is really a big slice. This definitely worth the money. Nice place to drop by for lunch at CBD area like this with reasonable cost. The price of the soup is about SGD4 to SGD5. Additional cost for additional items like rice, side dish etc.
If you want to try the soup, not necessary need to drop by at the Raffles Place as they have several branches island wide as below. But if you drop by at The Archade as well, the store is just beside the 7-eleven store. There will be some queue during weekday lunch hour. 


1) 173 Telok Ayer Street - Operating Hours 9:00am ~ 7:30pm
2) 11 Collyer Quay, The Arcade #01-24 - Operating Hours 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
3) 11 Collyer Quay, The Arcade #01-32 - Operating Hours 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
4) 11 Collyer Quay, The Arcade #01-35/36 - Operating Hours 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
5) 24 Raffles Place, Clifford Centre Basement Stall #09 11 Collyer Quay, The Arcade #01-24 - Operating Hours 9:00am ~ 7:00pm

Yi Jia Chun the archade

Yi Jia Chun, black fungus mushroom soup

Steamboat dinner at Heng Heng Curry Cafe

Hot steamboat for dinner after a tiring working day is always my favourite. First time trying the steamboat at Heng Heng Curry Cafe. This place famous with the local food curry fish head, but how about their steamboat?  The steamboat is good for two person (actually my friend and I have some hard time to finish it).  Beside the steamboat, my favourite snacks from this place, the fried pumpkin is another one must try. Overall the steamboat nothing special like other places. The ingredient is fresh but not much of seafood. Mostly vege and mushroom which suit my taste.
Here is the restaurant menu. [HERE]
The restaurant location. [HERE]

Causeway Point
1 Woodland Square #B1-19
Tel: +65 6893 0051

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-201
Tel: +65 6338 0961

Heng Heng Curry Cafe

Heng Heng Curry Cafe SteamboatHeng Heng Curry Cafe Steamboat

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Day 1 at Mesilau

After the van took us from Kinabalu park gate to Mesilau, we were both so happy they allowed us for early checkin. (We reached before 2pm). We book for dorm and surprised me the condition of the place is quite good. The staffs let us check in to Bishop Head one, which inside have about 8 toilets, a big living room with two big round sofa, a big kitchen where you can boiled some hot water with the electric kettles. Inside the room, there are 2 double deckers. Since only two of us, both of us can have the lower bunk. All the 4 beds equip with reading lights and there were mineral water provided and shower gel as well. We were so happy as previously I thought the condition of the room will be not so good as we only book for dorm. But surprisingly the place is quite clean and comfortable. 
After putting down our stuffs, we wore our jacket and step out from the place. Time to explore the Mesilau resort. Beside dorm, there were chalet with very nice view. It's good and more comfortable if you have big groups of friends travelling. Mesilau is about 2000m above sea level and the air is fresh and cooling. I put on my Beanie all day long to cover my ears and buff for my neck and of cause my north face jacket.
After exploring the charlet, we went I to the Mesilau nature park. Due to its still early we are like owned the whole place our own. After that, we decided to went back for a short nap. After about an hour we were woke up by some chatting voices. Seems like there are someone else checking to the Boshop Head 1 as well. The place have about 4 big bedroom. There were 4 Chinese girls checking in to another room. 2 mandarin speaking and the other two speaks Cantonese. We said hi before step out for our free dinner from the restaurant. Well, I was quite worried with the temperature as I am a person that not use to cold weather. The cold make me nervous and I can't eat well and feel that my tummy filled up with gas. The restaurant serving nice hot soup which make me feels better and we get to met with a lots of others hikers during dinner. After dinner we went back early as the next day we have to wake up early for the hike.

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Day 1 Kota Kinabalu To Kota Kinabalu Park

Sorry for the delay in posting all the details for this trip.
When the idea popup for the climb? When I finished my university degree. The climb already in my mind. I told my friends, some of them also have the same thought and want to do the climb as well, so we decided to make an agreement, we have to save some money then we will go for the climb. That was 2004. 10 years back. Flash back, after got a job for the first few years on and off this climbing Mount Kinabalu idea will still popup in our chat conversation once a while, but nothing further was done until last year around Oct 2013, I told my friend Frances, we have to do this, I am turning 34 and this Mount Kinabalu hike that I want to do since I am 24 was not yet done. So we book the flight and tried to survey around for the package for the climb.

Frances tried to email Sutera (as Sutera is the main agency for the climb, please take note, even you book from other agency, they will still go to Sutera as they are the only approved agency that allow to issue the package and permit). After many emails ding-dong around, we still not able to get confirmation from Sutera. Both of us get frustrated as we already book the flight.  Frances told me she found something that confuse her from Sutera website. As the website showing the date we want still available but the person who replied the email mentioned no more slot. We suspect they reserved for some travel agency. Luckily Frances has a friend from Sabah and during that time she was in Kota Kinabalu hometown. Frances asked her favour to call Sutera directly and found out there were still slots available during the period of time. Next, I dropped the call to Sutera directly and get the slot book. Have the payment done via my Malaysia internet banking account the trip finally confirm on 21 Jan 2014 for climbing package on 13 Feb 2014 - 15 Feb 2014.

I book the flight from KL-Kota Kinabalu on 12 Feb 2014 12PM with 15kg luggage that cost me RM102.70 (*details below).  Due to the flight was from Kuala Lumpur, I travel down from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on 11 Feb 2014, after work, I took the cross border bus to Johor Bahru and took the night train 11.30pm to Kuala Lumpur. Purchased the sleeping bottom bunk by paying RM45.
Total cost travel to Kota Kinabalu? RM147.70 which is about SGD 59.08. (taking 1SGD = 2.5RM as exchange rate).
*Details: Air Asia Flight from KL - KK        = RM66.00
               Sky bus from KL central to airport = RM7.70
               Luggage purchase                           =RM25.00
               Direct Debit Fee                              =RM4.00   
               Total                                                  RM102.70

Touching Down:
Touching down at Kota Kinabalu Airport at 2.30pm, after got my luggage I was not able to catch the bus 2.20pm bus to the town. But I still purchased the ticket by paying RM5 and waited for the next bus which will be 3.20pm. [Details on the bus can be found here]
Traveled down to the town and dropped down to the last stop, it was drizzling at Kota Kinabalu. My friend Frances wearing her north face rain jacket, walking from the hostel to the bus stop to fetch me. I am happy to see her, because we both know, the adventure will soon begin.

Mini Van to Mount Kinabalu Park
The next morning early morning 13 Feb 2014, we walked to the station near Padang for the shared van to Kinabalu park. There are bus/coaches available as well but due to our big backpack and the uncertainty of the bus timing we decided to take the mini van. The van will go once it fill up. Normal fare is RM20 one-way. But with big backpack, our backpack take up additional seat hence we paid RM25 per person (total 4 of us with backpack).

Kinabalu Park
We reached Kinabalu park around lunch time, we went to the cafe near by (across the road from the park entrance) to have our lunch. The food is quite pricy but the taste is good. There are information available from the cafe such as the bus timing and the place for rooms for renting.
We paid the entrance park fees and enter to the park. Checked our transport from the park to Mesilau (included in the climbing package) and arrange for our transport after the climb from Timpohon gate to Mesilau. Frances intended to walk back (~4km from Timpohon gate back to Kinabalu Park) but I told her I maybe too tired, hence we both agreed to purchase the transport which cost us RM8.25 (2 person is RM16.50).
Few things need to arrange here before you set off to Mesilau / Timpohon.
1) Transport from end point (either Mesilau / Timpohon) back to Kinabalu Park.
2) Guide fee. Go to the visitor centre and pay the fee and arrange for your guide.  We paying RM142,50 for 2 of us.  (Guide fee will be different depends on group size)
3) Park Entrance fee, Malaysian RM3.00 and foreigner RM 15.00.

After our lunch and arrange for everything, we took the van from the centre to Mesilau. We decided to go there earlier so that we can rest earlier for tomorrow hike. 

Kinabalu ParkVisitor center in the Park, this is where you arrange for your guidePark Entrance Fee

Further Details:

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seoul Yummy in Novena Square

Went to Seoul Yummy the Korean Casual dining for lunch today at Novena Square.
First time trying this place the food surprisingly taste good and quite big portions. We ordered some side dish such as the spicy rice cake and the potato pancake. For my main course I have the kimchi soup with rice. I thought that the one in Wisma Atria food court is the best taste ever. No, after you tried this, I will vote for Seoul Yummy compare with the wisma Atria food court.
Total 3 of us, two ordering the kimchi soup with rice and one with the kimchi noodles. The set comes with 3 small side dishes as well (peanut, ikan bilis and kimchi), total bill only SGD 46. Nice place to try out especially during rainy and cool day where the soup will definitely warm you up and remember to bring your  OCBC credit card if you have any. You can get some discount as well.

Seoul Yummy Menu - [LINK]
Branches around Singapore - [LINK]

Novena  Square 2 branch address
Square 2
10, Sinaran Drive,#03-68, 
Singapore 307506

Seoul Yummy at Novena Square 2

Spicy Rice Cake from Seoul Yummy

Kimchi with Rice from Seoul Yummy

Potato Pancake from Seoul Yummy
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