Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Day 1 at Mesilau

After the van took us from Kinabalu park gate to Mesilau, we were both so happy they allowed us for early checkin. (We reached before 2pm). We book for dorm and surprised me the condition of the place is quite good. The staffs let us check in to Bishop Head one, which inside have about 8 toilets, a big living room with two big round sofa, a big kitchen where you can boiled some hot water with the electric kettles. Inside the room, there are 2 double deckers. Since only two of us, both of us can have the lower bunk. All the 4 beds equip with reading lights and there were mineral water provided and shower gel as well. We were so happy as previously I thought the condition of the room will be not so good as we only book for dorm. But surprisingly the place is quite clean and comfortable. 
After putting down our stuffs, we wore our jacket and step out from the place. Time to explore the Mesilau resort. Beside dorm, there were chalet with very nice view. It's good and more comfortable if you have big groups of friends travelling. Mesilau is about 2000m above sea level and the air is fresh and cooling. I put on my Beanie all day long to cover my ears and buff for my neck and of cause my north face jacket.
After exploring the charlet, we went I to the Mesilau nature park. Due to its still early we are like owned the whole place our own. After that, we decided to went back for a short nap. After about an hour we were woke up by some chatting voices. Seems like there are someone else checking to the Boshop Head 1 as well. The place have about 4 big bedroom. There were 4 Chinese girls checking in to another room. 2 mandarin speaking and the other two speaks Cantonese. We said hi before step out for our free dinner from the restaurant. Well, I was quite worried with the temperature as I am a person that not use to cold weather. The cold make me nervous and I can't eat well and feel that my tummy filled up with gas. The restaurant serving nice hot soup which make me feels better and we get to met with a lots of others hikers during dinner. After dinner we went back early as the next day we have to wake up early for the hike.


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