Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Lite Talk about Top 5 reason why I buy Sheng Siong

Here I would like to share with everyone, Top 5 reason why I invest in Sheng Siong.
1) Everyone do grocery no matter in both Good & Bad Time
    No matter the economy in good shape or not, everybody still do grocery and one main thing to highlights. Everyone pay them cash $$. Even you are using your credit card, bank will pay the merchant and you owe money to bank not the merchant. 

2) Singapore Populations Growth
    Singapore populations is growing. This means that household doing grocery will be more. Even you say that you don't do grocery. Do you eat? yes? where the food comes from? food court? Then where the person buy the grocery? from places like wet market, sheng sing, ntuc, giant, cold storage etc.

3) Free From Debt
I am glad to see Sheng Siong is currently maintaining Free of debt. Yes, totally no debt at all.

4) Good Cash on Hand
Not just no debt. They have thick cash on hand for them to hunt for new store and grow.

5) Dividend payout
Calculations based on 0.63 as at 6 June 2014.
YearTotal AmountYield %

But there are things to watch out as well. NTUC & DairyFarm are Sheng Siong main competitors and both owns many stores outlet.  

Well Invest wisely and good luck!


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