Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Talk about Sheng Siong again

This stock OV8 cross over the 20das of MA for yesterday trading 9 June 2014, closing at 0.63 and hitting high at 0.64.
What's the push?! The news came out from channel news Asia last night around 8pm. Sheng Siong is acquiring a 3 attorney building in the Singapore most high population district -Tampines.
In the news, the spokesman reveal that they are going to have the store open on early of 2015 and have the lessed put unit for next year onwards as well.
This definitely a new good sign to see Sheng Siong management is making the move to debut with the existing competitors NTUC and Dairy Farm.
Invest smart and happy investing. Hope to see more price cheong all the way up!!!


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