Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ez-reload Comparison

This morning there is a news from Channel News Asia about 'EZ-Link cardholders now have to pay 20 cents every time they top up their card at all DBS, OCBC ATMs and AXS stations.' [LINK]
Its time to think how to save more from the transportation charges. Check out below comparison for your reference.

Credit Card
Ez-reload Rebate
POSB Everyday
2%$0.25 fee per topup. Waived from 1 March 2014 – 30 June 2014
Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card
2% (monthly spending > $600) 1.7% (< $600)$0.25 fee per topup.
OCBC Frank Credit Card
6% (ATU flashpay) *Capped at $60 a mth.$0.25 fee per topup. *Waived till 30 June 2014.
Plus!Visa Card
2% (linkpoint form, 3 Linkpoint for $1 spent).$0.25 fee per topup.
ANZ Platinum Card
5%Capped Max $30 per quarter & Minimum spend $300 per month. $0.25 fee per topup
HSBC Revolution Card
6% (rewards point form under online spending)$0.25 fee per topup.
IMAGINE debit Card (American Express)
5%$0.25 fee per topup. Ezlink rebate capped to $5 per month.


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