Monday, July 28, 2014

My Initial Retirement Plan

I have this so call retirement plan in my heads when I graduate from college about 9 years ago.
I was just graduated from a non-famous Malaysia University on Oct-2004. Lucky enough to get hired on March 2005 earning SGD 2,200 that time as a IT support Analyst in a local government link company.

What was in my mind that time, I will give myself some time till I am 40. Then I will retired. That time I call the thought as retirement plan with basically no detail planning at all and its purely just a thought and what we call it as just a dream.

9 years passed and now I am only about 5.5 years away before I reached my 40. I only can tell, I do not think I can retired on that age.

1) My initial plan does not have any details at all.
2) What is my current saving or asset? definitely I cant retired when I reach 40. (will explain in depth).

Back these few days I kept thinking and something keep bothering me. How and when I can retired?
I do not want to work to feed myself when I am more than 50. I should be only work because I am happy on what I am working on when I age 50 or more.

What I want? what should I do? My initial plan for sure will failed me.
I know I could not escape from all these. Face it now or face it later.


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