Monday, July 28, 2014

My Lifetime First 100k

This month, after I get my pay check and like usual setting aside some more for so call my retirement plan. (My Initial Retirement Plan), finally I see my lifetime first 100k of saving.

But I know all this still far away from my retirement plan although I have the 100k of cash. What is the problem of 100k? Well, there is no problem with the 100k of money, the problem is cash. Meaning, I do not own anything at all. Yes nothing. No asset, no property, no life insurance. Nothing.

That is the risk. The money can get depreciate. When I am 40, for sure the 100k value will not be same as 100k as now.

I am still proud of myself for working hard and able to save that much of money despite I am only a normal executive who is not working in a MNC company (MNC for sure the pay will be much different). But still something is lacking here. 

I had spend my most energetic 10 years working hard and the 100k is what I got. I know if another 10 years I will not be able to work as hard as previous. My body would not allow this. This is the critical part. 


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