Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Bite Recipe, Crackers Gel with Fruits

Sharing to all my weekend tea break. 
Preparation time within 5 mins.
Cost, under SGD2.

Drinks: Camomile tea bag
Base: Sky flakes crackers
Middle layer : Ovomaltine and banana
Top: strawberry

2 small strawberries (cut into slices)
Half banana
Some spread (ovomaltine, you can use Nuttella, cheese or any other jam/spread you like)
Sky flakes crackers 1 small packets (3 big pieces inside where you can crack it to 9 small slices)

It's simple, easy, can be done within 5 mins for preparations, delicious, colorful and awesome. 

Happy tea break !!!

ps: I personally find ovomaltine too sweet but with the crackers and strawberry, both neutral the taste and make it more refreshing and the sweetness just nice for me.

Vegan team break idea,

Green finger point on the Avocado

Trying to plant the avocado from the seeds. One is going to two weeks and another one just a day old. 

Not sure how will be my luck. But I google and YouTube before I tried this out. 

Cross my fingers and hope it works!!! But my room is lack of the sunlight and I think that's the draw back. 

Happy gardening :)

avocado planting,

E!ght Korean BBQ @Central

Trying the Korean BBQ at the Central, as my friend said this place is nice.

First time having the 8 different flavor of BBQ pork. It's awesome. With free flow of appetizer like kimchi, salted lotus root etc. 

We ordered the sea food stock. Overall I like the place. The interior and the good. But I understand from my friend having in Korea is way much cheaper compare with here.

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Eight Korean BBQ,

Self-prepared Lunch, fast and easy 5 mins vegan meal

2 small size apples, some dried cranberries, raisin and nuts and a medium size avocado and some chia seeds.

Not so hard to prepared the vegan healthy lunch actually. Within 5 mins, you can have some freash lunch as below.

On and off I will be preparing something lkme below.  When I feel my body is complaining with the stressful work life and food that I intake that is too oily etc. 

Simple and easy you can have a fresh lunch to help topup your body with some nutrient that you might be neglecting during busy weekdays.

Sit back and enjoy. 
Feel free to share yours recipe here too!

2 small apples
1 tea spoon of dried cranberries
1 tea spoon of chia seeds
1 medium size avocado
1 tea spoon of raisin
1 big spoon of mixture nuts.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ovomaltine Spread from Belgium in Candy Empire

Yes it's on sales (almost everyday). If you like nuttela, I believe that you might like this Ovomaltine spread from Belgium which in Singapore you can get them from Candy Empire. Regular price is $11.50 and promotion you can get it with $10.80 or less. (Sometime have limit 2 for each customer).
Give them a try and you may like them. 

Looking for candy empire outlets?! 
Click here

Ovomaltine spred,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Salmon Fish Head Soup from Sushilicious

Having my lunch at tao payoh food court (kou fu). First time trying the salmon fish head that cost only $3.90 and with rice it will be $4.70.
Overall, nice as the portion is really really big and I can't finished my portion.

The bowl come with half fish head (I don't really eat fish head), 3 big fish bones with spme little meat on it (I believe most of the salmon meat useup for the sushi sashimi) and that's not all, seaweed and a few big slices of salmon meat inside. 
Cheap and nice to try out this. Enjoy!!!

sushilicious, salmon fish head soup (half)

sushilicious, salmon fish head soup (half)

sushilicious, salmon fish head soup (half)

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