Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Bite Recipe, Crackers Gel with Fruits

Sharing to all my weekend tea break. 
Preparation time within 5 mins.
Cost, under SGD2.

Drinks: Camomile tea bag
Base: Sky flakes crackers
Middle layer : Ovomaltine and banana
Top: strawberry

2 small strawberries (cut into slices)
Half banana
Some spread (ovomaltine, you can use Nuttella, cheese or any other jam/spread you like)
Sky flakes crackers 1 small packets (3 big pieces inside where you can crack it to 9 small slices)

It's simple, easy, can be done within 5 mins for preparations, delicious, colorful and awesome. 

Happy tea break !!!

ps: I personally find ovomaltine too sweet but with the crackers and strawberry, both neutral the taste and make it more refreshing and the sweetness just nice for me.

Vegan team break idea,


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