Sunday, September 7, 2014

Self-prepared Lunch, fast and easy 5 mins vegan meal

2 small size apples, some dried cranberries, raisin and nuts and a medium size avocado and some chia seeds.

Not so hard to prepared the vegan healthy lunch actually. Within 5 mins, you can have some freash lunch as below.

On and off I will be preparing something lkme below.  When I feel my body is complaining with the stressful work life and food that I intake that is too oily etc. 

Simple and easy you can have a fresh lunch to help topup your body with some nutrient that you might be neglecting during busy weekdays.

Sit back and enjoy. 
Feel free to share yours recipe here too!

2 small apples
1 tea spoon of dried cranberries
1 tea spoon of chia seeds
1 medium size avocado
1 tea spoon of raisin
1 big spoon of mixture nuts.

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