Friday, February 27, 2015

Nadeje @ Mahkota Parade Melaka

Visited Nadeje at Mahkota Parade in one of the weekend getaway to Melaka. The place is not inside the Mahkota Parade but outside. We were trying to walk around inside the mall few times and finally give up and decide to approach the information counter. (we should have done that before to save time). We ordered 3 slices of the mille crepe. (a) Brown Sugar Melaka, (b) Chocolate banana, (c) Tiramisu
Surprisingly the place is about 90% full and the mille crepe is not cheap of cause. Even the ice water charged.  

We do enjoy the mille crepe but honestly I am not a sweet tooth person, hence after a few bite I find it them too sweet and make me feel full especially for the chocolate banana and tiramisu flavour. Surprisingly Gula Melaka (Brown sugar melaka) flavour not so sweet and my friend told me that only available in Melaka.

One of the good to try place in Melaka. Enjoy !

Nadeje Plaza Mahkota [Company Official Website]
Tel No : 06-2838750. 
Operation Hours: 
Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm 
G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka. 

Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,

Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,

Mille Crepe, Tiramisu, Banana Chocolate, brown sugar melaka , Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,

Mille Crepe, brown sugar melaka , Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,
Brown Sugar Melaka Flavour
Mille Crepe, Banana Chocolate, Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,
Chocolate Banana Flavour

Mille Crepe, Tiramisu, Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota,
Tiramisu Flavour

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant @Bugis

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant, located at Bugis just opposite the OG Shopping mall (Opposite the Katong Laksa stall). Visited the restaurant few days ago and ordered steam rice with verge (烩饭)which cost me SGD 4.50.

The place was previously a vegetarian shop which also sell the economy rice and fried mee hon. It has been few years time I never visited this place again. Looks like the place is renovated and now they no longer selling the economy rice. Good thing, no service charge.

Talk about the ingredient. For me as a vegetarian now, I don't really like all those ingredient that make from flour. Well from the plate you can see, there are a few ingredient with that, example: prawn, pork etc). It will be even better if they use different type of vegetables or mushroom to replace those.

Taste wise, still acceptable. After eating that, I don't really feel thirsty, so I think at least they are not putting too much of MSG. Portion wise, normal size. But it did not filled up my tummy, after wards, I had wonton noodles at home after an hour of having that. (well, I walked a lot that day, maybe thats the reason this bowl of rice did not filled up my tummy) :p

Overall quite reasonable price and taste. Give it a try, if you are looking for vegetarian food at Bugis area.

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant,

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant,

偷得人间半日闲 (大红袍) - Drinking Chinese Tea Da Hong Pao and Relax

Life in Singapore is quite stressful. During my last job (about 2 years in Finance), working almost 24x7 was really tiring and stressful.  Finally, I decided to take the courage and quit the job without any job offer. The best thing I did for myself for the past 9 years working.

Now, I have time for my own things. Converted my driving license. Settle some personal things, sipping tea after lunch and of cause updating my blog.

Get to know this Da Hong Pao, chinese tea from my eldest brother, it was a gift from his friend from China. I like the strong after taste of this tea. From what I read from Baidu, da hong pao contains lots of benefits to our body, relief our body from stress, kill germs, digestion, slimming, prevent cancer and enhance fitness. (more details here)
Is it true? I don't know, I just enjoy the taste and the relaxation of life while I still can.

Normally I will just use a small glass cup to make the tea but today I decided to buy a simple and cheap ceramic pot for it. The pot itself cost  SGD 2.00, each of the small cup cost me SGD 0.40. Total cost SGD 3.20. Talking about making Kung Fu tea, well, I am not expert and do not know much about the tea appreciation. I just feel that drinking chinese tea after lunch makes me relax and I enjoy drinking them more than coffee. Should I changed this blog title to lol.

Sit back and relax, sipping the chinese tea, enjoy the aroma before continue your busy day of work.

Enjoy !!! 

Da Hong Pao, after lunch tea break (chinese tea, Singapore)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Conversion of Malaysia Driving License to Singapore Driving License For PR (Permanent Resident) or SC holders (Singapore Citizen)

This article is to provide step by step how to convert your Malaysia driving license to Singapore Driving License. If you are (a) Singapore Permanent Resident or (b) Singapore Citizen (Previously you are Malaysia citizen but converted to Singaporean).

Please take note, for the license conversion, you will need to perform data extraction from Malaysia JPJ to prove that you obtain the Malaysia License before you got your Singapore Citizenship / Permanent Resident Status. In any case that you obtain the PR / SC first, you are required to sit the full driving test in Singapore. (Theory and Practical test).

Just follow the 3 simple steps provided below.

Step 1 : Pass your BTT Test (Basic Theory Test)

You may book the BTT test at any of the 3 driving schools in Singapore or have the slot registration through their website. Below are the 3 driving schools address and website URL. Pick one which is near to your place. 

a) Woodlands Driving Test Centre
     level 1, co-located with the Singapore Safety Driving Centre 
     Address:  2, Woodlands Industrial Park E4 Singapore 757387.
     URL :
     Free Shuttle bus schedule: LINK 

b) Bukit Batok Driving Test Centre, 
     level 2, co-located with the Bukit Batok Driving Centre
     Address:  815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5 Singapore 659085.
     URL :
     Free Shuttle bus schedule: LINK 

c) Kampong Ubi Test Centre
     level 2, co-located with ComfortDelgro Driving Centre
     Address:  205, Ubi Ave 4 Singapore 408805.
     URL :
After you pas your BTT, the record will be in the system, you can convert your license anytime you want.  
Sample of Result slip for Basic Theory Test
Sample of Result slip for Basic Theory Test

Step 2 : Obtain the data extraction of foreign driving license
Pay a visit to any of JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia), in the information counter, tell the officer you want to convert your driving license to Singapore Driving license. The officer will provide you a form to fill. Remember to photocopy your driving license and your Malaysia IC (myKad) and bring along the original as well. 
**If you already converted to Singaporean at that point of time, you need to bring along Malaysia Driving License, Singapore Passport (Original & Photocopy).
The fee for the data extraction is RM10:00. Please remember to check, if you have different class of license, the letter has to state clearly when is the date you passed the test.

Extraction letter fro Malaysia driving license
Extraction letter fro Malaysia driving license

Step 3 : Convert your license in any of the 3 driving schools (address as provided in step 1)

Bring along the original and photocopy of the documents below.
a) PR Holders (Permanent Resident)
     i) Passport and entry permit
    ii) A valid qualified foreign driving license.
  iii) An extract of driving license record (as in step 2 above, the letter do not required photocopy).
    iv) A recent passport size photograph with matt or semi-matt white background. (You can take from the photo booth in the driving school).
   v) A fee of $50.00 (NETS/Cashcard).  

a) SC Holders (Singapore Citizen).
     i) Singapore Passport.
    ii) Singapore NRIC (pink IC).
   iii) Singapore Citizen Certificate.
  iv) Malaysia renounce letter (Borang K)
    v) A valid qualified foreign driving license.
  vi) An extract of driving license record (as in step 2 above, the letter do not required photocopy).
  vii) A recent passport size photograph with matt or semi-matt white background. (You can take from the photo booth in the driving school).
  viii) A fee of $50.00 (NETS/Cashcard).  

After the payment, you are required to watch a short video (about 10 mins) before you can get your temporary driving license slip paper. The license will mail to you within ONE month.
**SGD $50 fee is for lifelong. Do not required to renew like Malaysia driving license.

**From what you can see on the required document, if you had converted to SC, the documents required is more. Its advisable you convert your license before you obtain the SC. After conversion to SC, you might need to explain more when you try to obtain the extraction of data from JPJ as well.

Temporary Driving license Slip
Temporary Driving license Slip

For updated procedure, please cross check Singapore Traffic Police website. (Link), More info on the conversion (Link)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wireless@SG get Connected!

Singapore is going for 50 Years this year, for sure there will be more tourist visiting Singapore for the 50 years birthday. Maybe some still not aware that now in Singapore, a lots of hotspot where you can get connected to free wireless call Wireless@SG.
Here are some information and hope that is helpful to you when you are in Singapore and still get connected FREE. Upload all the wonderful photos you snap on the spot !

Here is the hotspot location, get to know where you can get the wireless@SG hotspot and surf all the way you like. LINK

Phone SIM login, you have a sim card and you want your phone to get connected everytime? Here is the LINK

Here is a short video to show you about the wireless@SG.
Happy visiting Singapore!!!


主人半信半疑,拿了些面包,吐了自己的口水(主人口水好奇怪,是白的,像浆糊),然后喂起了他的狗儿,像是愿意让我使用小径。 然后自己就醒了。

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