Thursday, February 26, 2015

偷得人间半日闲 (大红袍) - Drinking Chinese Tea Da Hong Pao and Relax

Life in Singapore is quite stressful. During my last job (about 2 years in Finance), working almost 24x7 was really tiring and stressful.  Finally, I decided to take the courage and quit the job without any job offer. The best thing I did for myself for the past 9 years working.

Now, I have time for my own things. Converted my driving license. Settle some personal things, sipping tea after lunch and of cause updating my blog.

Get to know this Da Hong Pao, chinese tea from my eldest brother, it was a gift from his friend from China. I like the strong after taste of this tea. From what I read from Baidu, da hong pao contains lots of benefits to our body, relief our body from stress, kill germs, digestion, slimming, prevent cancer and enhance fitness. (more details here)
Is it true? I don't know, I just enjoy the taste and the relaxation of life while I still can.

Normally I will just use a small glass cup to make the tea but today I decided to buy a simple and cheap ceramic pot for it. The pot itself cost  SGD 2.00, each of the small cup cost me SGD 0.40. Total cost SGD 3.20. Talking about making Kung Fu tea, well, I am not expert and do not know much about the tea appreciation. I just feel that drinking chinese tea after lunch makes me relax and I enjoy drinking them more than coffee. Should I changed this blog title to lol.

Sit back and relax, sipping the chinese tea, enjoy the aroma before continue your busy day of work.

Enjoy !!! 

Da Hong Pao, after lunch tea break (chinese tea, Singapore)


  1. This is a best chinese tea in my opinion.

  2. My favorite chinese tea. I've tried all chinese collection of Kent and Sussex tea company but #1 for me is Da Hong Pao. I've never been in China, maybe i will change my opinion after visiting this country.


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