Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Singapore notes with prosperity symbol, 福禄寿到!

Recently I notice something on Singapore notes. The prosperity symbol.
As you can see for the previous version (the boat series), the notes printed with dragons, mandarin ducks etc that represent the prosperity of the country. But the current version of the notes, it consist of the modern printing such as educations, sports etc. where is the chinese prosperity element?
Look at the number and you will see them.

SGD2, half filled up with the symbol bats, in feng shui, bats means good health. 碌 in chinese. 

SGD5, the number half filled with the symbol longevity peach. 寿 in chinese. 

SGD10, the number half filled with old Chinese coins which represent money. 福 in chinese.

I guess the symbol is printing up side down means 'reached' in chinese 到。 which means the longevity is reach, money and prosperity is reaching. Hehehe.

So I guess if you keep one piece of sgd2, sgd5, sgd10 in your pocket, you have the 福禄寿!!

Just my own guessing, this does not means anything. Enjoy the design of the notes :D


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