Saturday, April 11, 2015

Zoo Singapore 2015

Had a chance to visit zoo Singapore yeaterday free with the POSB Passion card celebrating SG50 ticket redemption. 
(for the promotion, visit posb website)

Visited Omar, the white tiger, Inuka, the polar bear and watched a few animal shows as well. 

I like the concept that they are having to highlight the natural issue like global warming through out the show and encourage people to go for recycling 'reduce, reuse and recycle'

It's one of the fun park to go, Singapore Zoo, a place that you don't want to miss when you visit Singapore.

For ticketing information:

Transport information:

POSB Passion debit card, 10th month SG50 celebration

Omar swimming, Zoo Singapore

Omar, Zoo Singapore

inuka at zoo Singapore

white peacock and animal show in zoo singapore


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