Thursday, August 20, 2015

DIY light bulb with plug in Singapore

I was trying to build a light box for my plant. To build a light box , of course l need light . But where to get one? Buying one is easy but building one is more challenging and fun.
After trying placeslike home-fix, socall the diy store, Iam kind of giveup. The so call DIY store dont have the part I need. Ended up I hare to run a few stores to get all the parts .
Here are some photos to share .Toth cost SGD1O. 60 .
Cable = SGD1.50 (1metre)
Cord = SGD2.50
Philip light bulb 5w=sgd4.90

I belive the cost can be lower if you can get the items in cheaper price as i got all from here and there convenient  stores so price is higher.

Enjoy diy. Later on will share on my light box for my indoor vegetable  planting project 


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