Sunday, September 20, 2015

vegetarian food bak kut teh @bendeemeer road boon keng 长春素食摊肉素骨茶

Ever since inbecome a vegetarian about a year ago, it has been quite sometime i never have one of my favorite dish bak kut teh. But yesterday i was so lucky visited one of the vegetarian stall in boon keng market near bendemeer road, chang chun vegetarian stall.
The stall is manage by one lady and the food she is selling is in reasonable price. Like mee rebus in less than $3 while for yesterday special dish bak kut teh meehon in $3.
One thing to highlight, this stall so far, i dont see them selling rice, so even for bak kut teh, i am having meehoon and surprisinglu they gel very well.
I have to apologize for the blury photo (been quite someyime i stop taking food photo). But this stall is worth to try out.. if you like spicy food like me, add some chili padi to spice up your day :)
Happy hunting for good food !

vegetarian food bak kut teh @bendeemeer road boon keng   长春素食摊肉素骨茶


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