Sunday, April 24, 2016

宮保杏鮑菇 Spicy Pleurotus eryngii

杏鮑菇 Pleurotus eryngii 
糖 sugar
黑醋 vinegar
黑醬油 dark sauce
花椒 pepper


Saturday, April 23, 2016

花椒番茄炒蛋 spicy tomato egg

隨便弄弄小菜,泡壺茶,看看陽光曬在涼在外的衣服上.. 生活可以很簡單,很快樂,很幸福😁

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Home cook vegetarian 沙煲蔬菜文東姜 clay pot mixed vege with bentong ginger

Home cook again.. I observed that ever since j became vegetarian 2 years ago, my body started to have a lots of gas.. After reading some article, many believe that ginger able to solve the gas problem. In Chinese medication, we categorized food as cold 寒,hot 熱, warm 溫. Too much of cold food will cause gas and too much of hot food will cause us to have sore throat and fall sick too. 
So cooking vegetables is good to include some ginger to balance up. If the food is cold, it's able to balance up become warm type and ginger also can reduce the gas in our body. 
This round I bought some Malaysia bentong ginger which slightly expensive compare with others but famous with its spicyness and aroma.
1) bentong ginger 文東姜 - abit
2) mixed vegetables - I prefer different color this round green (baby Chye sim) and white (cauliflower) 
3) mushroom 
4) Chinese sesame oil

1) boiled some hot water in the pot, add in some cooking oil and started to put in vegetables and mushrooms and ensure all cook before removed them from the pot.
*do not overlook the green vege, it will turn the color.

2) take the vegetables out from the pot and dip to dry before put all of them into the clay pot.

3) use another pot, put in the sesame oil and the ginger.. After the aroma is out, put in some water and let it boil before put the sauce into the clay pot and that's it, done in 3 steps. 

*white fungus mushroom under the green vege

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Home cook vegetarian 淮山炒黑木耳 less than 20 mins

Many says that it's boring and hard to prepare vegetarian food at home .. Some says vegetables are boring.. But with abit of creativity, things can be change..
淮山炒黑木耳 is one of the vegetarian dishes that you might want to try out for hot weather now.. It's able to give you nice cooling feeling..

日本淮山 Japanese huai San - cut into rectangle 
黑木耳 black fungus - same porpotion with huai san
枸杞子 wolfberry - abit
醬青 black soya sauce - abit
薑絲 Ginger - abit

Heat up the pan, put abit of oil and put in ginger. 
Put in black fungus together with huai San, pour abit of water and cover the pan let it steam for 1-2 mins 
After removed the pan cover, pour in the black soya sauce and stir to mix them together and it's done.

It's easy and need less than 20 mins including preparing the ingredient..

Happy cooking !!!

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