Saturday, April 2, 2016

Home cook vegetarian 淮山炒黑木耳 less than 20 mins

Many says that it's boring and hard to prepare vegetarian food at home .. Some says vegetables are boring.. But with abit of creativity, things can be change..
淮山炒黑木耳 is one of the vegetarian dishes that you might want to try out for hot weather now.. It's able to give you nice cooling feeling..

日本淮山 Japanese huai San - cut into rectangle 
黑木耳 black fungus - same porpotion with huai san
枸杞子 wolfberry - abit
醬青 black soya sauce - abit
薑絲 Ginger - abit

Heat up the pan, put abit of oil and put in ginger. 
Put in black fungus together with huai San, pour abit of water and cover the pan let it steam for 1-2 mins 
After removed the pan cover, pour in the black soya sauce and stir to mix them together and it's done.

It's easy and need less than 20 mins including preparing the ingredient..

Happy cooking !!!


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